Personalized Ad Operations & Ad Sales solutions for Digital Publishers
Digital Ad Sales

We handle direct ad sales to agencies and direct to client. You get updated tracking and full forecasting of all sales activity. We've been selling online advertising since 1996 and are  Digital Media Sales Certified (DMSC) through the IAB. You see immediate sales results by tapping into exising sales activity and campaigns.


Video Pre-Roll

Our expertise is serving video pre-roll campaigns. As well as VAST and VPAID campaigns, we are often given FLV or other creative files straight from TV ads. We convert these to 15, 30 or longer Pre-Roll video.


Digital Ad Operations

IAB certified Ad Operations professionals (DAOC), we specialize in serving video ads across multple sites across our Publisher's full network. SilverMT Media has worked with many  ad servers, video ad players, and a host of different ad exchange partners. We can use an exisitng solution or our own state of the art ad serving tools.


Revenue Modeling

Our sales forecasts are built from user behavior to more easily allow Marketing and Product Teams to determine what levers make the most impact on revenue.


Programatic Buying

We've been working with professional digital marketers for over 20 years. We know many options to drive marketing. We make RTB media buys for our Publishers or recommend options we like.


Mobile & HTML5

HTML5 and Mobile web are here. HTML5 and SDKs for Mobile apps are needed as more and more users access their favorite sites through Mobile web and smartphones. SilverMT Media guides publishers through these decision processes.